Based at 41 John Street in Porthcawl town centre, the club provides music tuition, training, and coaching, along with a wide range of events that you can get involved in!

Rock in Porthcawl

Whether you are a complete beginner, or an advanced rocker who would like to move on to the next stage, this is the club for you.

We offer a varied range of musical activities to fit every student's individual needs.

Group sessions

ages (8+)

You might want to sing, learn an instrument, or just practice and improve your current skills...

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Join a Band

Come jam with your friends, meet new ones!



... or you might want to start a new band with your friends or meet others to form a band...


Join our network, gain confidence and experience performing live!

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Get involved

The Big Music Project


The Big Music Project is brought to you by one of the biggest brands in entertainment – Global Radio’s number one hit radio station, Capital FM and Capital XTRA. The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Music production, mixed arts, performance, event organisation, and many other activities you can get involved with!

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Youth Achievement Awards (YAA)
The Youth Achievement Awards (YAA) are nationally recognised and have been developed as a framework for providing non-formal learning and recognition, to support and encourage young people on their journey from childhood to adulthood.

Through the YAA young people are encouraged to actively participate in their own “Social Development Journey”, developing, acknowledging and articulating life skills and competencies which help them to become a positive force for change in their own lives, and the lives of others.

You can work towards an YAA award by getting involved in any of the activities we offer!

Forge music

@Wales Millennium Centre

Want to share your musical talents, play in a band and develop new skills?

Forge music provides free activities throughout the year at The Wales Millennium Centre!

Band ensemble, collaborative songwriting, mixing, recording, live performance.

Winter 2017 (FREE)

Jan 21st / Feb 25th /March 11th

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Kaya festival Music of the World

Porthcawl Buccaneers Carnival



The Rock Club: bringing inspiration, fun and entertainment to groups and events across The UK!

Workshops & showcase solutions

for your organisation's event!

Rock band workshops, team jam sessions,

open mics, and showcase!

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